indian ceos

14 December 2021

Don't let the fact that Microsoft, Google, Adobe, IBM and now Twitters appointment of an Indian CEO disillusion you thinking that "We Indians are smart"

I hate the notion that some of our countrymen and women assume We Indians are smart because people from our country are leading the top 3 IT firms.

We forget that most of our IT firms are consulting companies and we have very few product companies that have made it big in the global scene.

Its changing in recent times, we have Freshdesk, we have PayTm, we have Zoho, We have Zerodha. But still a long long way to go to become a global IT superpower.

Go learn that online course.
Launch a side project.
Launch an open source library
Contribute on GitHub.
Upskill yourself.
Build something.

Do something, other than being proud that we have Indian CEOs in the top IT firms of the world.

Here's Former Governor Raghuram Rajans thoughts on the same topic